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LocalizationWhere to find the Lajedo?


Lajedo de Soledade is an archaeological site located in the district of Soledade, in the municipality of Apodi - Rio Grande do Norte (a state in the Northeastern region of Brazil). It is located about 340 kilometers from Natal, the state’s capital, and less than 80 kilometers from the city of Mossoró (the second largest city in the state). The Lajedo is situated in a mountainous formation located between the states of Rio Grande do Norte (RN) and Ceará (CE), named Chapada do Apodi. If you are coming from either Fortaleza (CE) or Natal (RN), the best way to get to the site is by taking the BR-405, through the city of Mossoró towards the municipality of Apodi.

Brazil is a country located in South America, and it is the third largest country in territorial area of ​​the continent. In addition, it is the only Portuguese-speaking country of the entire american continent. Brazil is divided into five regions: North, Northeast, Midwest, South and Southeast. Among these regions, the Northeast is divided into nine states, and one of them is the state of Rio Grande do Norte, where the city of Apodi is located.

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