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HistoryThe story of the museum

In the early 1990s, the state company known as Petrobrás made an expedition to the archaeological site and to the community of Lajedo de Soledade. The visit included geologists, archaeologists and environmentalists who were concerned with the preservation and conservation of the historical, cultural and natural legacy contained in the community of Soledade. With this, the company sought to establish a partnership with local personalities who could engage and had an interest in fighting for the preservation of a rich archaeological site The most convenient and logical name at that time was that of Maria Auxiliadora (Dodora), who already had some years of struggle for the cause. The partnership resulted in what we know today as the “Fundação Amigos do Lajedo de Soledade” (FALS). Linked to the emergence of FALS, there were also several other incentives and initiatives that sought to include the community itself, among them, the training of children guides, delimitation of areas, creation of trails, drilling of a community well, construction of a research center and visitation, which later became known as Museum.